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#Poster#1st Poster By Kwon Yuyoung

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Annyeonghaseyo readers! Artworker Kwon Yuyoung ngeshare poster TaeSic nih… save? Izin dulu yaa^^

Jika ingin request kepada artworker Kwon Yuyoung silakan ke https://exofanfictiondorm.wordpress.com/staff/artworker/kwon-yuyoung/ oke? Siip , thank you readers.

Bye, Yuyoung~


Author: Kwon Yuyoung

potterhead rules. percy jackson. exoshidae. mmmm i... no idea what else. too many to write. duh! hahahha visit my wordpress&blogspot. ig:nadhlrsti11. i enjoy drawing. fashion! asntm's loyal viewer ahahha. peace!

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