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Lee Midah Gallery

 Beberapa hasil Artwork yang pernah kubuat :

 Cover :

Thema : Soft, Genre sad, Romance, angst, fluff, Horror

Cant i to be with you by lee midah     Love me By Lee Midah    Believe me i love you my yul by lee midah    Dark Revenge  By Lee Midah

Sacrifice by Lee Midah      Am i egoist by Lee Midah  Are you Still remember me by Lee Midah

Fancy Cover :

Sexy teacher by lee midah 2    Stupid bet 3 by lee midah

Enemy in married by Lee Midah

Header :

Header SNSD By Lee Midah

Lee Midah Edited

Jika kalian ingin melihat lebih banyak lagi cover yang aku buat bisa cek :



One thought on “Lee Midah Gallery

  1. ihh headernya bagus >.<
    mau kasih tau cara bikinnya ga ?

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